Amateur radio tower install – Part 2

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It’s been over two months since I installed the radio tower and I can’t be more pleased.  The video above is a time-lapse of the install.

Dad looks over the tower before we raise it.

It took a few days to paint and prep the tower, plus get the antennas installed.  I had to wait on a few parts and supplies, mainly coax cable and some support mounts for the 2m antenna Carter sold me.  The coax and other supplies came from KF7P Metalworks out of Utah; I recommend him for his excellent work especially with entrance panels, two of which I have.  After getting the 2m and scanner antennas mounted, coax ran, and the Davis anemometer installed at the 10 meter height it was time to raise the tower.  Dad and I got things ready the morning of September 14th, mainly getting a set of scaffolds setup to help steady the tower.  Sarah’s dad and brother also came over and helped us raise the tower just after 10:00 am.  The tower wasn’t too hard to raise by hand, the hardest part was getting it to vertical, especially after we got it about half-way up…

Cable entrance panel and weather station

Once the tower was up I simply had to finish installing the weather station and hook all the cables up.  Of course everything had to be grounded as I didn’t’ want to take any extra risk of a lightning strike.  Two entrance panels have strike arrestors and grounding plates to help reduce the risk.  I’ll likely add another post to the blog describing all the weather equipment I installed.  This included an extra temperature sensor to measure the ground conditions in asphalt as well as a separate soil temperature and moisture station which measures temperatures and moisture content at various depths in the soil in a patch of woodlands above the house.

I’m extremely pleased with the investment in the tower and weather equipment.  It’s been extremely rewarding working on things anytime I get a chance.   Not to mention it has already came in handy.  Our 3G internet through Sprint was recently discontinued and we had to find an alternative.  Decided to go with NRV Unwired out of Christiansburg and they installed a antenna and webcam high on the tower recently.  Without the tower, we would likely not have been able to get internet service because of all the forest surrounding the house.  More on that later…

Radio tower, weather station, and ground station

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