Diamond A144S10

Diamond A144S10 and RCA VH126 rotator

Finally got around to putting the 2m antenna together a couple days ago and today I went ahead and installed it on the RCA rotator I bought. It’s a basic rotator that I bought from Lowe’s and is supposed to support up to 20-25 pounds…I went ahead and bought two of them in case I need parts. The antenna is mounted on a 3-ft mast and I’m using Davis BuryFlex low-loss coax which will run down the length of the mast and grounded at the base prior to running down the hill to the house.

I went ahead and bought some outdoor splicing tape that is supposed to weatherproof the coax connections. I stretched and applied this to the antenna connection and then added two layers of liquid electrical tape. After that dried, I added a final layer of Super 33+ electrical tape, so this should really help to keep out moisture from the connection; I plan to do this on all my connections running to the house, and in the future, apply this method to all my other tower connections.

Splicing tape, followed by two applications of liquid electrical tape, and finally a layer of Super 33+

The only thing that worries me is how I had to run the coax along the antenna. The way the rotator is setup, I could only attach and point the antenna in this direction for it to be aligned with 0° North. Therefore, I had to run the coax along the antenna to the boom, and then under and between two sets of elements, then across the boom and down the mast. I’m hoping this doesn’t give me any problems with RX/TX. I’m thinking that since the coax is well-insulated, it shouldn’t be a problem, but we’ll see.

I’ve also been looking at HF transceivers and am thinking of buying the Icom IC-7200, and for starters, getting a G5RV from these guys here. I’ve got some really tall white oaks and hickories around the house for mounting…we’ll see…but will have to save up for that, HI! On top of that, I’ve been studying CW/morse code using the Koch method…hope to actually learn this on my own over the coming months!

All for now…
73 de WX4SNO

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