Yagi Antenna Install – Part 2

On August 13, 2015, in Amateur Radio, My Technology, by wx4sno

The Diamond A144S10 with 11.6 dBi gain and the Rohn 9H50 guyed mast overlooking Copper Valley. The Rohn 10 meter tower is in the background; in comparison, the Diamond X50A omni antenna has only 4.5 dBi on 2 meters.

After receiving some additional coax and manufacturing a window feed-through panel, I finally got the new yagi antenna up and going. I must say WOW! What an improvement in reception. Having this thing hooked up to the RCA VH126N rotor, I am able to pickup repeaters that were impossible using my omni antenna. Here’s what all has happened since my last posting.

After letting the concrete cure about 10 days, I was anxious to get the mast installed and guyed. I had originally painted the mast to match my Rohn tower, but the paint was interfering with the mast sections as I was raising/lowering them, so I had to use a power washer and blast the paint off. Power washer did a great job at removing the paint and I went ahead and left the bottom section orange for visibility.

The hardest part of the job was guying the mast. I used masonry string to get approximate lengths stretched out from the mast to the three guy points. In the end, each guy wire worked, but hooking them all up and getting the right tension on the mast was a pain! Next time, I’ll look at getting another Rohn tower, hi!

The RCA rotor is something I picked up from Lowe’s. I actually bought a couple of them, enough for spare parts if needed in the future. I must say, the device works perfectly! There’s about 100 feet of coax and rotator wire between the QTH and the antenna, but I haven’t had any problems with the rotor locking up or anything yet (knock on wood).

Instead of running my coax and antenna lines through the crawlspace and up through the walls of the house, I decided to make a cable entrance panel going through the window beside my desk. The idea came from KB3QLK at http://www.hamuniverse.com/kb3qlkfeedthru.html. I plan on running window line for an HF antenna in the coming months, so I added this, plus a PL-259 bulkhead connector. I have to run to town to pickup some ground wire to ground everything, but it came out really nice…much better than I expected. The panel is made of PVC, so I don’t have to worry about it rotting or of any interference to RF.

Window feed-through on the workbench

The installed feed-through panel

All in all, I am very, very happy and pleased with the antenna. I haven’t made any contacts yet, but I’ve picked up stations on the 147.180 repeater on Brush Mountain that weren’t using the repeater at all! They were somewhere in West Virginia discussing the low temperature tonight of 47°! WOW…the signal faded but then the automatic repeater announcement sounded and came in at a good 5-9!

I’m excited to get on HF…that’s my next project. In the meantime, I may post some additional info about the new yagi setup. But wanted to post a quick update…All for now and 73 de WX4SNO.

Current VHF/UHF setup

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