WX4SNO Radar Images:


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The coverage area for these images vary, depending on weather conditions and the discretion of the radar operator. The current radar location and status can be found in the feed here. A guide is provided at the bottom of the page.
Refreshes every 15 seconds to provide you with the latest images.


0.5° Base Reflectivity (BR)Composite Reflectivity (CR)

0.5° Base Reflectivity (BR)                   Composite Reflectivity (CR)


0.5° Strom Relative Velocity (SRV)0.5° Base Velocity (BV)

0.5° Storm-Relative Velocity (SRV)           0.5° Base Velocity (BV)


Storm Tops (ET)Vertically Integrated Liquid

Storm Echo Tops (ET)                       Vertically Integrated Liquid (VIL)


1hr PrecipitationTotal Precipitation

1hr Precipitation                                            Total Precipitation



Radar Symbology Guide

Radar Symbology

Local Storm Reports Guide

(May not always be overlaid on above radar images)

Local Storm Report Icons

wx4sno.com Radar Location Status

For the NWS advisory colors guide, click here.


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