Climate Information for the WX4SNO Weather Station in Snowville, VA US

The WX4SNO weather station provides updated climate data once per day at 0015 Eastern. This information is provided below along with location information and archive data. For more information, or for specific climate requests, please contact Anthony Phillips.

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Station Location

Latitude: 36° 59' 57" N (deg min sec), 36.9992° (decimal), 3659.95N (LORAN)
Longitude: 80° 33' 23" W (deg min sec), -80.5563° (decimal), 08033.38W (LORAN)
Elevation: 750 metres (2461 feet) -- validated against 752 metres (2466 feet) from NED 1/3rd arc-second: Eastern United States
Location: Snowville, VA US
County: Pulaski, VA
Forecast Office: Roanoke (RNK)
Station Manager: Anthony
Station type: Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus
Station software: WxSolution 1.8.6 and WeatherLink 6.0.3

The site location is shown to the right in Google Maps. The green arrow identifies the current location of the weather station in precise detail. Users can switch between the current satellite view and other map formats, such as a standard map, terrain, or Google Earth.


Select from the following climatological categories:

Precipitation Temperature/Dew Point Barometric Pressure
Wind Speed/Direction Soil Moisture/Temp Solar Radiation
Wind Run Heating/Cooling Deg. Days Data Archive

*Times listed on each graph are Eastern.


Text Documents:

Hourly observations for previous 72 hours, click here

For the hourly summary, click here

For the daily climatological summary, click here

For the monthly climatological summary, click here
An alternate summary can be found here
The previous month's summary can be found here

For the yearly climatological summary, click here
The previous year's summary can be found here


Select show/hide to view data from each category listed below.

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Previous Observations

The last 24 hours of weather data can be viewed at Findu. This page also provides access to the raw APRS packets and various other APRS related tools.

Tabular archive data for the last 48 hours can be found here.

The previous 72 hours of weather data can be found here.

Tabular archive data for the last 192 hours can be found here.

Recent observations from this weather station can be downloaded as a CSV file suitable for importing into various spreadsheet programs. Please see the section entilted "Data Status" for more details here:

The following image is the daily climate graph updated each night at 0000 Eastern. Please select the graph below and then refresh your page to see the updated image. This data is for two days ago: yesterday's climate data will become available tonight at 0000 Eastern.

daily graph

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